Social Media Masterclass

During a campaign, social media helps influence media and get your message out to your audience. This course is for experienced users. We'll teach advanced strategies to increase the reach of your posts on Facebook and Twitter and facilitate collaborative discussion on copywriting posts, advertising, handling comments, and managing your own time and your audience's expectations.

This course will teach you:

  • How to write effective tweets and Facebook posts
  • How to respond to difficult commenters
  • The basics of Facebook and Twitter advertising (types of ads, budgets, targeting)
  • How to manage your own time and your audience’s expectations
  • How to measure your social media effectiveness



  • Computer skills
  • Personal Facebook account (Twitter account as well preferred)

This is a three-hour course.

Intros – 10 min

Copywriting Posts – 20 min

  • Activity


Handling Comments – 20 min

  • Setting up a comments policy
  • Three types of negative commenters
  • Activity: responding to negative comments


Social Media Advertising – 15 min

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads


Manage Your Time and Audience Expectations – 20 min

  • What does your audience expect?
  • Saving Time
    • Focus
    • Delegate
    • Optimize – Tools


Analytics – 15 min

  • Facebook Insights
  • Other social media analytics tools


Campaign Examples – 20 min

  • What are the elements of a successful social media campaign?
  • What lessons can we take away from previous campaigns?


Take-away materials:

  • Social media time budget worksheet
  • Sample comments policies
  • Online advertising glossary
  • Analytics tools to explore


Instructor: Jarrah Hodge

Jarrah Hodge is a Communications Officer at COPE 378 as well as an award-winning feminist blogger at She has set up and managed social media profiles for elected representatives, unions and other progressive organizations. She serves on the executive board of the Canadian Association of Labour Media and has extensive experience training progressive, labour, and political activists on social media.