Get Out The Vote

A campaign’s Get Out the Vote effort is crucial to success. In this course,

you will learn the basics of a GOTV campaign- building a plan, organizing and

training volunteers and how to effectively and efficiently target your supporters.

This course is ideal for those looking to get a basic understanding of GOTV

campaign or those who are looking to refresh their skills.


Part 1- Introduction to GOTV Campaign (35 minutes)

• Overview of GOTV

• Making a plan

• Early voting

• Building a voting plan with voters


Part 2- Preparation and Planning (50 minutes)

• Roles in a GOTV campaign

• Who to target and with what resources

• The zone house system

• Slotting volunteers


Break (15 minutes)


Part 3- Training your Team (35 minutes)

• How to plan a successful training

• Your GOTV canvass script

• Roleplaying


Part 4- Early Voting and Election Day (35 minutes)

• What does it look like?

• Testing your plan

• Planning for problems

• The Election Night Party


Questions and Wrap-up (10 minutes)


Instructor: Ryan Sudds

Ryan began campaign organizing in 2007 with ACORN as a grassroots organizer

in Ottawa working to mobilize and engage residents to make their communities

better. Since then, Ryan has worked on a number of campaigns as a canvass

coordinator, voter contact organizer and campaign manager. In 2011, Ryan

co-organized the Vision Vancouver Get Out the Vote campaign that targeted

over 80 000 supporters across Vancouver. He is currently the BC Organizer for

Canada’s New Democrats.