One of the most necessary elements of a political campaign is the ability to connect and communicate with voters through the media and campaign materials. This course is designed to give you the basic knowledge and skills to get you started. 

This course will teach you:

  • the key elements of an effective message
  • how to determine your campaign material needs and commission the best possible materials for your candidate within your budget
  • how to engage with local media and build strong relationships


  • basic computer skills


This is a 3 hour course:

Messaging    1hr

  • What is a message?
  • Importance of message discipline
  • Mastering the message/how to use the message


 -10 minute break-

Visibility and Outreach    1hr

  • Campaign materials – what does the data say is the most effective?
  • Leaflets
  • Website
  • Signs: to buy or not to buy?


 -10 minute break-

Local Media Relations    1hr

  • Researching and building a media list
  • Working with local media
  • Press releases
  • Press events


Take-away materials:

  • Determinants of news
  • Media interview prep sheet
  • Press event tip sheet
  • Press release tip sheet


Instructor: Sage Aaron

Sage brings her background in communications together two decades of on-the-ground campaign experience. Currently the Communications Director for Canadian Office & Professional Employees Union, Local 378 she was also the campaign manager for MLA Jane Shin in Burnaby-Lougheed in the 2013 provincial election.